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Our Team.

We are a tight crew of lifelong skateboarders with a diverse background in the skate world. We're pros, skatepark builders, trainers, graphic artists, and skateshop owners. We've got decades of experience.

Joel Jutagir

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Head Instructor

age : 47

·Owner Metro Skate Shop 1999-2013

·Skate Camp Director City Of Concord, CA 2004 to 2013

·Producer of SKATELINE news for Thrasher Magazine 2013-present


Petunia D Hawge

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Executive Director

·Therapy Pig

·Brand Manager

·Human/Animal Resources

·Nutritional Expert

Eric Kirkwood

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Head Instructor

age : 52

·Visalia Skate Camp staff Program Director 1990-2004

·Professional Skateboarding Judge for X-Games, Dew Tour, LG World Tour 1999 - 2010

·UC Berkeley Village Skateboard Camps Chief instructor 2009 - 2012


·Head Coach Thailand National Skateboarding Team 2007 & 2014 - 2021


Alex Turan

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Instructor & Camp Coordinator

·Graphic Artist at Deluxe Distribution 10 years

·Building and design enthusiast

·Resident Camp artist

Kasci Woolf

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·Sponsored Amateur skateboarder


·Welcome Skateboards

· OJ wheels

·Thunder Trucks

·510 Skateshop

·Paradox grip



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